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Vending machines
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Vending business appeared in the United States. In 1888 vending machine for chewing gum was patented in the U.S. In 2001 vending in the U.S. totaled .34 billion (in 1992 - $ 17.4 billion). More than 35% of vending machines in the U.S. are installed at the industrial enterprises, 27% - in offices, 9% - in schools, about 5% in hotels, restaurants and hospitals, 12% in public places.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a vending machine brings its owner an average of .58 every hour. Leaders of sales are soft drinks (28.2% - .86 billion) and sweets (24.9% - $ 6 billion). In Europe, according to the EVA (European Vending Association), there are about 4.5 million vending machines. Each year they sold the goods at billion. Analysts counted that this rate increases by 5-10% per year. Among the Europeans vending machines are most of all used by the Germans. In Germany there are more than 2 million such machines, in the UK - about 500 thousand. In the summer of 2002 the first in the UK automatic mall was opened in Manchester. It presented over 150 items.

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Vending Machines

In Japan, vending machines are almost a major role in sales. The number of such vending machines in the country is 5.6 million (1 vending machine for 23 people). Market turnover is about billion (the largest in the world). Annual growth of vending business for about 10% is a global trend. This is not surprising - you may see vending machines with drinks at every step, including offices of companies and industrial enterprises. Most of them are side by side with vending machines with snacks, sandwiches, a variety of chocolate bars and potato chips. Snack machines (snack vending machines) are also making a significant contribution to the vending industry revenues.

There are a huge number of varieties of vending businesses. For example, music vending machines are installed in bars, cafes, restaurants and other entertainment establishments. Modern vending machines can play music and video clips or commercials.

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Ice cream vending machines offer consumers several types of ice cream. The oldest design have chewing gum vending machines. Such vending machines are very common in all countries and are still in demand.

And this is just the tip of an iceberg, because the potential of the vending business, according to analysts, is not exhausted even half-way in any country in the world.

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