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Popcorn machines
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Popcorn machines are divided by the mass loading of grain and the power consumption of electricity. If you decide to do this business, we hope that our review of popcorn machines written below will help you.

To choose the right equipment, you need to decide where there will be a place of selling popcorn. If this will be a park or street, than you should use a mobile cart, if this will be a cinema or a mall, then use a fixed installations with a greater load of grain.

There are several types of mobile carts to transport popcorn machines: from small two-wheeled to a big cart with four wheels.

Carts painted in red with yellow accents are very popular. Cart T3WS-X has two wheels and is designed to transport popcorn machines with load capacity of 10 - 12 oz. The most appropriate device for trucks is Antique T3000 (capacity up to 6,7 kg / h that is 240 servings of 28 grams).

There are also four-wheeled carts. Examples are such carts as 2119EX and 2144EH from the famous market leader in the production of food equipment Gold Medal company. At the working surface of 1.2 meters you can install more powerful popcorn machines than on two-wheeled cart.

The choice of popcorn machines is wide. Popcorn machines are produced in China and Europe. But the most professional and quality popcorn machines are made in the U.S.

There are three categories of popcorn machines: small (4-8oz), medium (12-18oz) and large (20oz and more). If you do not want to risk, then you can start a business with relatively inexpensive small popcorn machines. They operate on 220 volts and have a small size. The most popular equipment in this segment are FunPop 04oz, 2450 exd Master pop, 2488 Super 88 Popcorn Machine, all produced by same Gold Medal company.

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Best option is the average popcorn machine. They can download 340 - 510 grams of grain. Such popcorn machines can produce 200 - 300 liters of popcorn per hour. Such popcorn poppers as 2121 Exno Pop 14 oz Popper and 2554 Ex Macho Pop 18 oz Popper are also in great demand.

For a place with lots of consumers you'll need popcorn machines that can boot up to 1 kg of grain. Such popcorn machines are made by C. Cretors company. Their dealers are willing to sell you such popcorn machine and will teach you how to use it.

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