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Fog machine fluid
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Here are some of the most frequent questions relative to fog machines. US-Machine will give you some useful tips and recommendations.

How much noise do fog machines make? As with anything else, the more expensive items are usually quieter, and the less expensive items louder. It does not mean that economic devices din like a 12-cylinder engine, but you are able to hear them.

Is a fog machine safe? The main factor most people bother with their machines is whether or not it’s safe to breathe. Whereas your fog machine is used accurately it is ideally safe to breathe. A smart thing you'll be able to do is to ensure you don’t overreach yourself with the fog. Be sure to utilize the fog fluid that is right for that concrete fog machine.

Can I use a fog machine within the building? Though we cannot answer for each and every fog machine that you can buy, we have never observed systems that could not be used within the building. Still, there are several things to think about. If you create lots of fog, you may get a pretty thin film of fog fluid sediment on anything in the living space, including people. As a rule fog fluids are produced from glycol (kind of like mineral oil) and water, accordingly it must not do any troubles, still feels clammy. In case you have got very costly furniture, etcetera, you should better take it away or use the fog machine in another room.

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Fog machine fluid

In the first instance, make sure to adhere the manufacturers’ safety and operating manual. It is serious that you search for and give a wide berth to possible threats that could result in ignition or injuries.

You can use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! to find fog machine fluid and anything else you like. Learn more about fog machines here.

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