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Battery operated fog machine
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On this page you will discover few usual questions about fog machines. Let us give you some practical answers and hints.

Can I use a fog machine inside the room? While we cannot answer for each and every fog machine available nowadays, we have never detected machines that could not be used indoors. But, there are one or two aspects to think about. If you produce many fog, you can get a very slim pellicle of fog fluid residuum on anything in the room, including people. As a rule fog fluids are made of glycol (something in the nature of mineral oil) and water, in this way it shouldn't do any defects, yet feels gummy. If you own extremely expensive furniture, etc, it is recomended to put it away or use the fog machine in the other room.

How much noise do fog machines make? As with everything else, the more costly ones are typically quieter, and the more devices louder. It does not mean that cost-saving ones din like a 12-cylinder engine, but you are able to hear them.

Is a fog machine trouble-free? The first detail most buyers bother with their devices is whether or not it’s unsafe to breathe. While your device is used correctly it is ideally safe to breathe. A nice thing you'll have an opportunity to do is to make sure you don’t overreach yourself with the fog. Always use the fog fluid that is recommended for that specific fog machine.

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Battery operated fog machine

First of all, be sure to stick to the producers' operational and safety manual. It is important that you find and give a wide berth to potential danger that could lead to ignition or injuries.

You can use online search in Yahoo or Bing or Google to find battery operated fog machine and anything else you need. Visit this page to find out more about fog machines.

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