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Espresso maker
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Modern espresso machine is fully automated: it will grind the right amount of coffee powder, prepare espresso and remove of oily coffee grounds. After a few seconds you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee. To prepare quality drink special skills not required, and this is the main advantage of automatic espresso makers, most of which, in addition to espresso, also can make cappuccino and latte.

There are several types of devices for making coffee:

  • * Espresso coffee machines, without built-in coffee grinder;
  • * Combo espresso coffee machines, combining in one housing an espresso maker and coffee grinder;
  • * Combined coffee machine, combining in one housing espresso maker and drip coffee machine;
  • * Coffee espresso machines.

The principle of making coffee in espresso machine is the same as in any other device for making espresso: hot water, passing the pipe system through a heated water in a boiler, falls on the filter with ground coffee under pressure. But the process of making coffee is not controlled by man. In the electronic memory of coffee machines there are several programs, depending on the complexity of the model. This is basically the program of making espresso, regulating the strength of a drink with the dosage of coffee powder or the volume of water per serving. As well as "service" programs: washing internal nodes of an espresso machine, descaling, timer, and others. You just push a button and espresso maker does everything else.

To choose espresso machine is not a simple matter. In today's diversity of choice it should be clear what you want to get from the espresso maker and what tasks it should carry out.

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Espresso Maker

First look at coffee machine's productivity, focusing on the conditions under which it will be used (home or office), as well as how often and how much coffee it will make. Productivity is calculated by several parameters. First, the number of cups of coffee per hour: the modern espresso makers are capable of making from 20 to 100 or more servings of coffee. Secondly, the size of the boiler, that affects the amount of hot water and steam produced by espresso machine for one cycle of heating. It is desirable that espresso maker heat the water in a boiler in a very short time - less than 15 minutes. Some models are equipped with a second additional thermocouple, significantly accelerating the heating, and mini boiler. Having a second thermocouple or a mini boiler has no effect on taste and quality of drink, but significantly reduces pause when switching espresso maker from the espresso making mode into the mode of vaporization.

espresso machines

Espresso Maker

Some automatic espresso machines are connected directly to the water supply - they are designed to prepare the tens and hundreds of cups of coffee per hour.

Volume of water tanks under the espresso (1 to 2.5 liters and professional and office espresso makers can reach up to 5-6 liters), the volume of a bunker for coffee bean (from 200 to 1500 grams) and volume of waste tray (15-20 servings ) are also important parameters which indicate performance of an espresso maker.

Preliminary grind is a function, in which the coffee is ground for the second portion while preparing the first. As a result, the cooking time of each new portion is reduced.

The function of automatic dosing, which is available in most of the fully automatic espresso makers, provides the required ratio of water and coffee in a finished product. "Advanced" models let you adjust water consumption and consumption of coffee powder: from 7 to 11 grams per cup. More simple and cheaper models of espresso makers let you regulate only the amount of water. Strength of coffee then depends only on the amount of servings. You can get a big cup of weak drink or a small, but strong. In some models of espresso makers the regulation is smooth, in others - step by step.

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