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Coffee grinders
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True coffee connoisseurs do not accept ground coffee from the shop and especially instant coffee. Coffee beans should be ground just before making coffee so as not to lose the true flavor and taste. There are three types of coffee grinders and each type has its own features and drawbacks.

The first type is manual coffee grinder. Millstones of manual coffee grinder carefully grind beans. You control the entire process by yourself. Time of grinding takes about 15-20 minutes. The mechanism is based on millstones, grinding degree can be adjusted, and ready coffee is colected in a special drawer. Compartment for beans can be open and closed.

The second type is the type of blade coffee grinder. They are called knife, or blade, coffee grinders because beans are ground with special knives. The knives are in the tank which is filled with beans. The higher the power, the greater is capacity of a coffee grinder. Rotational speed of blades depends on power of grinder, which may significantly affect on a quality of grinding. At high speed of grinding beans are heated, coal, and become bitter. Some coffee grinder let you adjust the power. Average power knife grinder is about 180 W. Coffee grinder will grind as much beans as you place into it, this means that you should load into a container as many beans as you need in near future. It is, on average, that one tablespoon of beans equals a cup of coffee. Besides the fact that knives are not able to uniformly grind coffee, which is a major drawback, there are also not very significant shortcomings, such as: not all models have removable container, there is no special inclination of the bottom of the bowl, a short cord. For safe use, pay attention on such things as protection from overheating and blocking when the lid is not tightly closed.

Coffee Grinders

Coffee Grinder

And the last one is a burr type of coffee grinder. These grinders very carefully and accurately grind beans, while grinding is even and the size of grind can be adjusted, from the dust for tours to coarser grind. This is due to a cylindrical or conical discs of stainless steel, between which the beans are passed. Their work need more energy than the knives and therefore the millstone, or burr, coffee grinder have a higher power. But despite the high power, speed of key parts of the mechanism is lower and beans do not overheat. Burr coffee grinders have two large containers, one for beans and other for ground coffee. And the number of ground coffee can be adjusted. You choose size of milling and amount of cups in settings, and coffee grinder will do everything else on itself. And if you suddenly grind more coffee than you need, then it is not a problem - sealed cover will help you keep it for a long time.

Always choose a high-quality beans for your coffee grinder. And after proper cooking of coffee slowly enjoy its taste, either alone or with friends.


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